Belgian Blue Sires for Reference

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Zircon

Woodleigh Zircon

3104B468   Born: 10/07/2014

Zircon is a blue roan bull combining tremendous muscling with a smooth shoulder. His calves have a very good birth weight record. His pedigree brings together the mighty meat machine, Omen, and the low birth weight sire, Patriot. Semen from Zircon is currently available from LIC.
Woodleigh Zircon Woodleigh U2 319A907 Woodleigh Patriot 314A456
Woodleigh Blue Belle 115 317A64
Woodleigh Finesse 24th 3100C44 Woodleigh Omen 313C339
Woodleigh Finesse 7th 313C71

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Aragorn

Woodleigh Aragorn

315B545   Born: 09/07/2015

Aragorn is an extraordinary bull. His excellent structure means he carries his massive barrel of a body, and generous muscling, with ease. He had the highest estimated lean meat production of any rising 2 year old bull in his year. His first 44 progeny have recorded yearling weights, on Beefplan, 14.7Kg above the Woodleigh herd average.
Woodleigh Aragorn Woodleigh Louis 317A710 Woodleigh Bruce 7th 310A002
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45
Woodleigh Duchess Gaillard 29 318C26 Woodleigh Omen 313C339
Woodleigh Duchess Gaillard 5th 318D71

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Bluestone

Woodleigh Bluestone

316A669   Born: 14/07/2016

Bluestone was a low birthweight bull, selected for use over yearling heifers. He combines the low birthweight genetics of his sire’s pedigree with the growth power on his dam’s side. Finesse 21st was still in the herd at age 10, and ranked in the top 20. Virtue was the highest growth rate bull ever produced at Woodleigh.
Woodleigh Bluestone Woodleigh Windsor 311A137 Woodleigh Patriot 314A456
Woodleigh Harmony 11th 319B51
Woodleigh Finesse 37th 314A28 Woodleigh Virtue 310A004
Woodleigh Finesse 21st 319B1

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Caesar

Woodleigh Caesar

317A702   Born: 01/06/2017

Caesar has a special pedigree, sired by the famous Belgian bull Lutin du Bouchelet, with one of the greatest of all Belgian Blue bulls, Galopeur des Hayons as his grandsire. His dam, Ivory 15th, was one of the top cows in the Woodleigh herd, her pedigree also including the iconic Belgian bulls, Glouton du Peroy and Affectif de Somme. Caesar has sired some very impressive offspring.
Woodleigh Caesar Lutin du Bouchelet Galopeur des Hayons
Jardiniere du Bouchelet
Woodleigh Ivory 15th 319B4 Woodleigh Monarch 311A101
Woodleigh Ivory 6th 314C65

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Crown

Woodleigh Crown

3107A704   Born: 02/06/2017

A low birth weight bull, used successfully over yearling heifers. A number of his offspring have been born before due date, indicating Crown is a short gestation sire. Semen from him has been used extensively by LIC.
Woodleigh Crown Woodleigh Western 311A109 Woodleigh U2 319A907
Woodleigh Contessa Gay 24th 319B6
Woodleigh Enthuse 53rd 315A49 Woodleigh George 2nd 318A806
Woodleigh Enthuse 44th 312B3

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Citation

Woodleigh Citation

317A727   Born: 14/06/2017

An impressive new sire at Woodleigh. In two years he has sired 62 calves with an average birth weight of 40kg. His first crop of calves as yearlings were +6kg above the average, making him one of the top performing sires in his first year.
Woodleigh Citation Woodleigh York 313A329 Woodleigh George 2nd 318A806
Woodleigh Ebony 39th 310B93
Woodleigh Aspire 315A98 Woodleigh Louis 317A710
BMW 924 809A24

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Drake

Woodleigh Drake

318A819   Born: 13/06/2018

Drake was out of a 2 yr-old heifer and weighed only 34kg at birth. He is a long bodied bull and weighed just under 400kg at weaning. He has been used largely over yearling heifers, his latest crop of calves recording above average growth rates in the high growth Woodleigh herd.
Woodleigh Drake Woodleigh York 313A329 Woodleigh George 2nd 318A806
Woodleigh Ebony 39th 310B93
Woodleigh Gamma 45th 316A7 Woodleigh Logan 312A205
Woodleigh Gamma 17th 318B18

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Drum

Woodleigh Drum

318A844   Born: 07/07/2018

Drum is a structurally very sound bull carrying a massive amount of meat. The yearling weights of his first crop of calves averaged 7kg above the Woodleigh average, an excellent result considering he was used across second calvers.
Woodleigh Drum Woodleigh Windsor 311A137 Woodleigh Patriot 314A456
Woodleigh Harmony 11th 319B51
Woodleigh Gloss 26th 314A62 Woodleigh Viscount 310A014
Woodleigh Gloss 19th 312A39

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Downton

Woodleigh Downton

318A845   Born: 07/07/2018

Downton weighed only 34kg at birth. He has been used over yearling heifers. Despite that, his first group of calves weighed well above the Woodleigh average at both weaning and as yearlings.
Woodleigh Downton Woodleigh Logan 312A205 Woodleigh Virtue 310A004
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45
Woodleigh Celendene 41st 312A68 Woodleigh Ranger 316A636
Woodleigh Celendene 23rd 317B010

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Distinction

Woodleigh Distinction

3108A857   Born: 19/07/2018

Distinction had the second highest Breeding Index of his year, and his calves are showing impressive growth results. His dam has produced two herd sires, and at age 11, is still ranked in the top 15 cows in the Woodleigh herd for the growth performance of her offspring.
Woodleigh Distinction Woodleigh Yeoman 313A323 Woodleigh George 317A719
Woodleigh Jaycinth 5th 317B66
Woodleigh Duchess Gaillard 40 312B82 Woodleigh Ranger 316A636
Woodleigh Duchess Gaillard 25 316C49