Belgian Blues Semen Sales

Woodleigh Belgian Blues has recently entered into a Genetic Partner Exclusivity Agreement with Samen NZ Ltd.

Woodleigh cattle are very different from the Belgian animal. They've been developed over the past 33 years to perform under New Zealand farming conditions. They calve naturally and are almost 100% polled. But most important, genetic selection has focused on rapid early growth, while maintaining an impressive yield of saleable meat.

The results are now spectacular. For the past two seasons all 23 to 24 month old bulls, not sold for breeding, have averaged 425kg on the hooks. One bull this year at 24 months killed out at 546kg. These exceptional weights have been achieved on Northland grass alone, including plenty kikuyu.

All heifers retained for breeding are mated as yearlings. In 2021, 44 were due to calve and 43 have live calves on the ground. Very few required any assistance at all.

The name 'Kiwi Blues' has now been trade-marked globally to describe these new high performing cattle, and Woodleigh is the home of Kiwi Blues.

Samen is currently offering semen from two impressive young Woodleigh bulls, Woodleigh 1902 and Woodleigh 1943.

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh 1902

Woodleigh 1902

1902 weighed just 31kg at birth. He was also born ahead of his due date, suggesting short gestation.

As a yearling he weighed 504kg and had developed impressive muscling. He had a BI of +16.5kg where 0.0 is the average for all bulls born that year at Woodleigh.

His sire, Yeoman, was used for a number of years at Woodleigh with very good results in terms of progeny growth rates. Beef Plan data showed him continuing to add to weaning weights even in the high performing Woodleigh herd.

Woodleigh 1902 Woodleigh Yeoman 313A3223
Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Yeoman
Woodleigh George 317A719
Woodleigh Jacinth 5th 317B66
Woodleigh Orchid 3rd 310C40 Woodleigh Ranger 316A636
Woodleigh Orchid 313D049

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh 1943

Woodleigh 1943

1943 was a modest 41kg at birth. His yearling BI for growth was +25.5kg and his young dam already ranks in the top 15% of the Woodleigh herd based on the growth performance of her first three calves.

His sire, Aragorn had a really impressive carcass and excellent structure. After several years of service in the Woodleigh herd, his high yielding carcass weighed 714kg on the hooks.

1943's pedigree combines many of the great Woodleigh sires in addition to Aragorn; George 2nd, Louis, Omen, George, Jackson & Bruce 7th.
Woodleigh 1943 Woodleigh Aragorn 315B545
Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Aragorn
Woodleigh Louis 317A710
Woodleigh Duchess Gaillard 29 31318C26
Woodleigh Gloss 32nd 3106A61 Woodleigh George 2nd 318A806
Woodleigh Gloss 19th 312A39