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Lockwood Smith and Prime Minister John Key with one of Woodleigh's Belgian Blue Champion Bulls
Lockwood Smith and Prime Minister John Key with one of Woodleigh's Champion Bulls

Welcome to Woodleigh Belgian Blues

Woodleigh cattle have been selected on performance for the past 30 years. The breeding objective is to maximise growth and carcass performance up to 22 months of age. Myostatin gene modifications from pure bred Belgian Blues in both Belgium and the UK have been introduced into NZ bred cattle with an Angus/Friesian background. As a result 400 day liveweights of Woodleigh yearlings have increased by over 30% - the kind of productivity improvement much needed in the NZ beef industry.

Calving ease and developing a polled Belgian Blue have also been key objectives at Woodleigh. Yearling heifers retained for breeding are all mated to Woodleigh Belgian Blue bulls, and the average birthweight across the 215 cow stud herd is now 40 kg. 92% of last year's calves were polled.

Structural soundness is also important as the stud cows are run under commercial conditions. Winning the Founders Cup for the Champion Breed Team at the NZ Royal Show in 2012, plus the Kumeu Beef Challenge in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011, indicate experienced judges consider Woodleigh cattle sound. In their final show season in 2012/13, Woodleigh Blues won 36 Championship Titles and 11 Trophies, including the Junior Meat & Wool Cup at the NZ Royal.

The Woodleigh Stud was founded in 1988 with the importation of embryos and semen from Britain. Further semen, imported from Belgium, was used in the early years, and again from Britian more recently with the focus on developing a beef animal ideally suited to New Zealand commercial farming conditions.

Woodleigh bulls offer farmers a chance to radically improve income from their stock. You get paid for carcass weight - Woodleigh genetics produce it.

Woodleigh cattle are sold with a guarantee of satisfaction.