Belgian Blue Sires for Reference

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Louis

Woodleigh Louis

317A710   Born: 07/06/2007

Louis was a polled pure bred with high growth performance and sound structure. He is still being used extensively at age 10.

His particularly smooth shoulder is making him an easy calving sire, and Beefplan data is showing him adding a massive 33kg to the yearling weights of his offspring.

Louis, along with his yearling son Utah and heifer calf daughter Blue Belle 149, won the special progeny class at the 2011 Royal Easter Show of Champions. Louis, Utah and bull calf, Virtue, also won the all breeds Royal Champion Group.

Louis is breeding well, his 2yr old son Utah winning the prestigious Meat & Wool Cup , beating 100 other beef animals of all breeds at the 2012 Franklin Show.

Louis has won numerous All Breeds Supreme Championship Titles including the Camveray Cup for Royal Champion Senior Bull at the Royal Easter Show 2011.
Woodleigh Louis Woodleigh Bruce 7th 310A002 Woodleigh Bruce 316A601
Woodleigh Blue Belle 21st 318B27
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45 Woodleigh Maestro 311A103
Woodleigh Blue Belle 11th 315C31

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh George 2nd

Woodleigh George 2nd

318A806   Born: 03/06/2008

George 2nd has been an outstanding, easy calving sire, producing well muscled but balanced progeny.

He won the All Breeds Double at the Royal Easter Show - Royal Champion Bull Calf in 2009 and Royal Champion Yearling Bull in 2010.
Woodleigh George 2nd Woodleigh Jackson 318A804 Woodleigh Jackpot 2nd 315B505
Woodleigh Blue Belle 15th 316A11
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45 Woodleigh Maestro 311A103
Woodleigh Blue Belle 11th 315C31

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Utah

Woodleigh Utah

319B942   Born: 24/06/2009

As a 2 year old, at the Franklin Show in 2012, Utah beat 100 other beef cattle of all breeds to win the coveted Meat &Wool Cup. A month later at Kumeu, he was again Supreme Champion Beef Animal, winning the Kumeu Medal, the A R Sinton Trophy and the Kumeu Kennel Council Salver. In 2013 he continued to win numerous All Breeds Supreme Champion titles. He is a structurally sound, very balanced bull.
Woodleigh Utah Woodleigh Louis 317A710 Woodleigh Bruce 7th 310A002
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45
Woodleigh Grateful 9th 316C7 Woodleigh Omen 313C339
Woodleigh Grateful 2nd 318D46

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Windsor

Woodleigh Windsor

311A137   Born: 16/07/2011

A low birth weight, but well muscled sire, being used mainly over yearling heifers.
Woodleigh Windsor Woodleigh Patriot 314A456 Woodleigh Glouton 2nd 311A102
Woodleigh Blue Belle 55th 312B28
Woodleigh Harmony 11th 319B51 Woodleigh George 317A719
Woodleigh Harmony 2nd 311C63

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Logan

Woodleigh Logan

312A205   Born: 06/06/2012

A polled, long bodied, well muscled bull producing high growth rate calves.

Shown only as a calf, he was unbeaten by calves of any breed. Currently the top sire at Woodleigh.
Woodleigh Logan Woodleigh Virtue 310A004 Twyning Ash Virtue
Woodleigh Blue Belle 126 318B16
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45 Woodleigh Maestro 311A103
Woodleigh Blue Belle 11th 315C31

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Yeoman

Woodleigh Yeoman

313A323   Born: 21/06/2013

Yeoman is a son of the great growth rate sire, Woodleigh George. He was the top growth rate rising 2-year old bull in 2015. His offspring so far are exhibiting that same outstanding growth performance.
Woodleigh Yeoman Woodleigh George 317A719 Woodleigh Jackson 318A804
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45
Woodleigh Jaycinth 5th 317B66 Woodleigh Monarch 311A101
Woodleigh Jaycinth 3rd 312C33

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh York

Woodleigh York

313A329   Born: 23/06/2013

York is a smooth fleshed bull carrying a lot of meat. He has been used mainly over yearling heifers with very good results, producing low birth weight, high growth rates calves. His Beef Plan ranking had him the top sire of Woodleigh calves in 2018.
Woodleigh York Woodleigh George 2nd 318A806 Woodleigh Jackson 318A804
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45
Woodleigh Ebony 39th 310B93 Woodleigh George 317A719
Woodleigh Ebony 24th 316C39

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Zak

Woodleigh Zak

314A419   Born: 14/06/2014

Zak is a long bodied, well structured bull whose first crop of calves was outstanding. By top Woodleigh sire, Logan, he was the highest growth performance bull of his year, and one of his sons is the top performance bull of 2019.
Woodleigh Zak Woodleigh Logan 312A205 Woodleigh Virtue 310A004
Woodleigh Blue Belle 71st 314B45
Woodleigh Gracious 30th 318B45 Woodleigh Nobleman 312A203
Woodleigh Gracious 19th 315C50

Belgian Blue Bull - Woodleigh Zircon

Woodleigh Zircon

3104B468   Born: 10/07/2014

Zircon is a blue roan bull combining tremendous muscling with a smooth shoulder. His calves have a very good birth weight record. His pedigree brings together the mighty meat machine, Omen, and the low birth weight sire, Patriot.
Woodleigh Zircon Woodleigh U2 319A907 Woodleigh Patriot 314A456
Woodleigh Blue Belle 115 317A64
Woodleigh Finesse 24th 3100C44 Woodleigh Omen 313C339
Woodleigh Finesse 7th 313C71